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Laber (1600m), January 25 2005

On Monday evening there was like 10 cm of snow on the ground. Tuesday morning it was already 70cm in Murnau! Finally Bavaria got the dumpage it deserved! Quickly a powder day was scheduled and Peter, Jochen, Lucas and Niki drove down from Munich, ready to spend the day powder surfing the steep north faces of the Laber close to Oberammergau.

Yep, it dumped hard

The snow depth increased rapidly the closer we got to Oberammergau. Next to the tram station of the Laber Bergbahn there was easily 1 meter of fresh.

Clearing the snow masses in Oberammergau

We were pretty surprised the Laber tram was running once we saw the enormous amounts of new snow. What about avalanche danger? We had all our backcountry gear on us and werent overly concerned. The mountain is normally only opened if the conditions are considered safe.

The Laber North Face below the tram

At the top we traversed over to the right a little bit till we found a nice looking gully untouched by any tracks (it was like 11am and some locals had already lied down some tracks). Once we dropped in, we sank literally up to the nose in the bottomless snow. Thank god the slopes were steep enough for allowing us to glide. The snow was so fluffy and light, it was difficult to breathe while turning, seeing something was totally impossible actually! Wow, I had never experienced these kinds of conditions in the local mountains. This is what it must be like in the Canadian Rockies. But in Bavaria you dont need a heli on these kinds of days, you got the Laber tram!

Skiing blindly down the Laber in 1.5+m of fresh powder

The runs were absolutely incredible. It almost felt absurd skiing through so much powder. Plus there were free chocolates down at the tram station that helped regaining your strength. We took run after run, legs were burning like hell.

Caughing down the Laber in epic conditions

 The whole day it snowed quite densely and consistently. During the day another 30cm of pow came down easily.

Heli skiing in the Selkirk mountains...Aeeh no, it's the Laber in Bavaria!

Some local dudes in the tram claimed the weather forecast called for an additional 1.5 meter of fresh till the weekend. Lets hope its true!


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